Monday, November 27, 2017

The Hoh River

The top post this year was in September when I wrote about my family’s trip to the Hoh River Rain Forest and one of the great spots to visit in the United States and in Western Washington for sure. Above is a photo from the Hoh River.

My mother, sister and brother we did the whole trip in a circle in one day however I recommend at least two days or longer depending on your schedule. Besides seeing the Hoh River that takes four hours get to from Seattle non-stop you can stop on the way in Aberdeen or Hoquiam for lunch. The Hoh River is about an hour and a half drive from Hoquiam along highway 101 heading north. There are several spots where you can stop to look at the Pacific Ocean along the coast.

This time of the year it is raining season in Western Washington and especially true in the Hoh River Rain Forest. I recommend coming in the summer time unless you want to see a whole lot of rain. The Hoh River gets over two hundred inches of rain per year which is more than five times the rain in Seattle. So you can really imagine how much rain comes down in a single day.

When I was in high school my Boy Scout troop would go on a fifty mile hike every August in the Olympic Mountains so if you enjoy hiking it is the place to be. They have quite a few one day hikes as well if your time is limited. People all around the world come to see the Hoh River and the Olympic Mountains along with all the benefits you will see on the way and after.

Keep heading north you will come to Forks Washington and then head east for Lake Crescent and Port Angeles. Coming into Port Angeles you can see Victoria, British Columbia in the distance. You can take a ferry ride to Victoria from Port Angeles and spend time there as well. Going south from Port Angeles a little way is Sequim where you can come to the Dungeness Spit where the famous Dungeness crab makes its home. A lot that you can see in Western Washington besides Seattle; setup your travel plans and vacation. Come by and see us sometime.

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