Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Call Out For Help

Yesterday’s post I wrote about having a temper and dealing with anger. One of the readers commented back that she wanted more encouragement concerning anger. It sounded as though she is dealing as a victim of abuse.

So often those who are in such situations are not sure how to get help and whether anyone believes them. This is especially true if the person that they are married to or have a relationship of any kind with has a high reputation. We all have heard here in the USA anyway a couple anchormen on national news were fired because of relationships they had with co-workers. I know to it took a long time for those women to come forward as well. We don’t know all the details however the women I am sure felt they could end up losing their jobs if they didn’t participate and refused to go along.  So this has all come to the forefront so no matter where you are at especially if you feel that physical harm will come to you or already has like this woman that asked for encouragement go for help. It was my recommendation to her go find a pastor, minister, priest or rabbi that you feel that you can trust for help. You can find a professional counselor or a woman that works in that area as well. My encouragement is not to waste any time and go if you feel in danger. Also don’t rationalize that the other person will change. This goes to for men as well who might be getting abused as well. I recommend that you don’t tell the one who has the temper and is abusive that they need help because I think they could become abusive. They need to recognize what they are doing and someone outside of the situation like a friend should speak with them. In fact I would have two to go and confront. I really hope this helps all of you who maybe in a situation like this or you know someone that is.  One last thing God loves you very much. Don’t feel condemned and that God doesn’t understand. If anyone knows better and understands it is God himself. Amen!  

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