Friday, December 22, 2017

Catching Up

I believe it is always good to have a reunion regardless of who it is with and for how long. Thursday Mother and I had lunch with my cousin Christy and her husband David for a short period of time. We caught up with the recent news though did get a Christmas letter from them and we are on social media as well. Also we saw loving pictures of their two granddaughters. The oldest is twenty-five months and the youngest is about four months. They are happy having the granddaughters in part because they have three sons and no daughters so this is a very best thing.

Earlier in the day I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and there were two young women who met up together. It looked like they hadn’t seen each other for a little while at least. I am sure they are college students who are home for holiday break.

I know to that not all families get along and I am fortunate with blessings that my family does. Next to my relationship with God I believe the time I spend with family and friends is very important no matter how long it is. Even seeing someone for a moment and waiving hands is a blessing in my book. We all should make as much an effort to get along with as many people as we can. Of course we won’t be able to with everyone because of personality clashes or there are those who don’t really care about others. In these cases we should put a smile on our faces and do the best we can. At least this time of the year we can say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays”.

Although I will be disappointed because I  will only be with mom for Christmas far as family goes it will be great to talk with them on the phone. Remember to enjoy those you are with at any time. We don’t know how short our time is here. God bless and peace be with you. Amen!

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