Friday, December 8, 2017

Help Others

There are many different ways to help others. This is part of our destiny and purpose in life. In fact an important part of life and we all have to figure where we fit in the plan.

This time of the year a lot of organizations ask for donations and I know that we can’t give to every one of them unless you are a millionaire or higher. So we have to pick where we put our money. It doesn’t matter how much you can give the important thing is to do so. A lot of these organizations bank on the donations to help run them for the coming year. They do ask every month for donations however most won’t give except now.

Right now I give a little bit each time I go to the store when I see the person ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. I think it is a good idea to do so even if it is a few cents. It really adds up if a lot of people do so. Many the grocery stores have little containers when you pay for your groceries. I sometimes through in some or all of my change that are not dollar bills. Of course you put in a dollar once in a while to though I don’t see being done often. In fact thinking about I am not sure if you can drop in anything besides pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Usually I stay away giving quarters because I need them for laundry however the others work well. It is similar when I go into buying something at Goodwill. They ask whatever change is left can help their training programs and I always say yes.

Another thing I do is buy an item or two for the local food bank when they have someone hanging out at the grocery store.  It is a good idea and it is like buying a present for an additional person. Of course that is another idea there are organizations that ask to buy a present for a child who is in need. This is another worthy cause.

If you are unable to give money than you have yourself to give; you can find one of these organizations to spend time with including being a mentor. In many ways your time is more valuable than money. The important thing is to help others in whatever fashion you can because who knows we may need the help ourselves. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Amen!

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