Monday, December 18, 2017

Let Go and Be Crazy

It might sound different for a Monday however I figure at times we need let go and be crazy. In my mind it doesn’t mean that you become irresponsible but do something that you haven’t done before or in a long time.

We all need to relax once in a while besides going on a vacation or you can do this in place of a normal vacation. Often you have to feel like you need to take another vacation when you return from the one you are on.

Being crazy could be for you to go somewhere you have dreamed of going for a long time but figured you couldn’t afford it or take the time to do it. If money is still the object of not going find a cheaper way to go or another place that might fit in as a replacement; often those dream places are a far distance away instead go to a place that is close and do the things that would like to do anyway.

I know though I use humor in my daily life I still get too serious so it is nice to find a way to get away. A way to be crazy would to turn off your computer and smart phone for a week. You may find life to be quiet and content. The phone of course you still have to be around just in case of an emergency however it is turned off otherwise. If it is important to have your smart phone on all the time just stay away from social media for a week. I have known people that have done that.

I am sure there are other ideas you can figure out that are outside the normal. For you that might be the best craziness that you can handle.

We have a week until that day we all call Christmas. Whatever shopping you must do find to do it quickly. I have to admit I haven’t done any yet however the plan is to get started this afternoon. I have looked at ideas just haven’t gotten anything yet. So let go and be crazy today.

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