Sunday, December 17, 2017

Building Ourselves Up

In this age we hear so much negative talk whether it is thru the news, social media or other sources it is important that we build ourselves up.

The theme this year has been to press on and part of the package is that we must build ourselves up in a positive way. I admire those who are able to that on a regular basis however some of us are not able to do so. I know that I struggle when it comes to positive image of myself or in another way loving me.

It is so easy to think of ourselves in a negative light if we grew up being told those things as well. In fact I find it strange or different when I am given a compliment from someone. So I figure it is time to build myself up in a positive way. How do I accomplish this I read the Bible where God tells me who I am and that he loves me even more than I do. Also there are other books that we can read that are positive. We can read books about those we admire and sink in every word that we read. We should spend reading a paragraph and then meditate on what we have just read. It may take longer for us to read however it will be hopeful. In fact if we find a sentence or paragraph that really speaks to us we should not only meditate on those words but read them over and over until they sink into our soul.

What a great way to read and discover who we are. In the end love ourselves like no other. This way we will love others much as we love ourselves. Amen!

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