Sunday, February 4, 2018

Live in Love

The reason I write this blog because I felt as a Christian this is what God wanted me to do in part to encourage people to seek after him well as living a life of purpose and destiny.

 The greatest call as a Christian is to seek after him and His Kingdom along with sharing with others to receive knowledge and Christ in their life. I am not here to push my beliefs on others but to let them know that they can meet him for themselves and that he has a purpose and destiny for them. Most of all though is for all to know that God loves them for who they are and they can live for him. It isn’t a big ceremony you have to do just accept him into your heart.

So I see for me to live in love. To love others as he loves me; it isn’t always easy to do so because we are all different and we all make mistakes. I am commanded to love you however it doesn’t mean that I have to like someone all the time that I love. We all know that with our experiences with family and friends. We don’t agree on all things and we don’t treat each other the way we out to either. We are different people as well. I may not like the things you do because we are not alike or you do wrong things just like I do at times however love is still the center of my life.  If a family member is always asking for something but nothing in return at some point I may have to stop it and give tough love. I am sure we have all had family members who have asked for money over and over again. We help them out for a while however at some point we have to stop giving them the money because what they doing are wrong and they haven’t learned to manage the money correctly. This is where tough love comes in.  This is only one example I know that there are others as well. We love them enough to stop helping them when they need to help themselves.

So seek after God and know of his love. Live in love the rest of your days. Amen!

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