Thursday, February 22, 2018

Snowfall on Western Washington

This week starting on Sunday morning we had our second snowfall for the winter. The first one actually occurred on Christmas Eve. I don’t actually ever remembering having snow on Christmas so dreaming of a White Christmas finally did happen.

Usually in February we have pretty good weather and for the most part this year hasn’t been much different until now. I enjoy seeing the snow and I wish it would stick around for a bit longer. I know that I just used a pun.

Last night which was Wednesday here I went to church with my mother. She goes to a different church then I do. It is actually the one I grew up in. Anyway they were having a soup night for Lent along with a speaker. There was a lady that was seating next to my mother actually she was standing at the time she said about how much snow we were getting. Was a surprise because I didn’t consider it much snow; I figure she must not be a native or she doesn’t remember which isn’t really that important. Until the last few winters I remember a lot of times we had more snow. We have had snow several times that came to ten inches or more.

Looking out my window it is freezing however no snow is falling right now. Here in Gig Harbor we have around an inch of snow. I am sure other places in the area have more because we usually seem to have less snow then others.

I saw a post on social media of a lady who lives in Arlington Washington which is about an hour and a half north of Seattle off of interstate 5. She said that they had five inches of snow on Sunday that still was on the ground and so they would have more snow then we would here. We had more snow Wednesday night then on Sunday. The snow did stick much at all on Sunday.

I am sure that the newspapers and television will have headline of snow blankets Western Washington. I didn’t feel I had to go that extreme. Here in Gig Harbor the children are out of school for winter break all week long. It is not the case in the whole area because Tuesday I saw on television that some schools were starting a couple hours late. I am sure the children here are looking forward to or already have started throwing snow balls and if enough snow around can make a snowman.

A group of my school classmates and me are getting together for lunch on Friday. One of the gals said that there is a seventy per cent chance of snow on Friday however she plans to still come which is the case for me. The location is only about three minutes from where I live so easy to get to for me.

I checked out the temperature outside it is exactly at freezing thirty-two degrees. When it comes to driving I have no problem doing so long as others are able to stay out of my way. LOL   The major problem is ice then snow of course. The wind is blowing hard right now as well. I am going to try to make it out to the store and coffee shop in a couple hours. Usually I go walking first thing in the morning however it is unlikely I will do so today.

So I wish everyone a wonderful day and that the weather is enjoyable wherever you are. Until next time.

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