Thursday, March 29, 2018

Be Bold

When it comes to hearing these two words “be bold” which are very uncommon and what we do with it is a question as well. Most people who know me personally can tell you that I like talking a lot and I will not deny that either however being bold is not something I am used to either. I am probably now feeling more comfortable to being bold but it has taken a while to do so. I am sure this blog has helped me in that regard.

Anyway I believe we all need to be bold in our lives. It is nothing we have to do on a regular basis however there are times we should be. What are those times you may ask? Well when you have a conviction that others are not listening to I would call that a good time to do so. Another if you see an injustice happening it would be good to be bold in that instance as well. All you may have to do is go to the powers to be and let them know your concerns. I have an example on Tuesday while out walking I saw trash along the side of the road. I had previously mentioned it in a group that I am in on Facebook but this time I decided go to the county government to let them aware of the situation and if there was anything they could do. So I checked on Twitter to see if they were on there and they are so I sent a tweet to them letting them know about the litter problem off the road that I live on. They wrote back thanking me for letting them know and they would send out a crew to take care of it. Also they gave me a phone number to call if something like that occurs again. They thanked me for making them aware of the situation.

What came to my mind while beginning this post the television show and soap opera “the Bold and the Beautiful” you see we not only can be beautiful we can bold at the same time. How about that! I don’t watch the show but the name sounds good to me.

So when the time and circumstance arise let’s be bold. Speak our minds after careful thought to be affective people using our purpose in life. Amen!

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