Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Being Encouraged By Others

 I enjoy encouraging others on a daily basis however I enjoy being encouraged as well. Life isn’t easy a lot of the time but if friends and acquaintances can tell you that you’re on the right track how better can you feel.

We all should encourage one another as often as we can. It is our choice to decide that we can do it.  A former schoolmate of mine a granddaughter of hers died at the end of January from brain cancer. Today March 7 would have been her 11th birthday. My schoolmate’s daughter wrote on Facebook how much kindness that the girl had for others. I never got the chance to meet her but I feel so honored to have learned about her even before her death. Not only did  she showed kindness to others she has passed it on to her little sister who is five years old. So much kindness that when her parents let her know that her older sister had died she wished that it was her instead.

So to be kind and to encourage we must first of all be unselfish. Not an easy task at times because people don’t always deserve to be encouraged. I believe we have to look beyond what we may see and encourage others for the potential in them along with the hurts and insecurities they received over the years. I know that I want to be treated the same way. Others see me beyond my imperfections and what is in my heart instead.

So today find at least one person that you can encourage and be kind to. This could possibly be someone that you have never had friendship with. Both your life and the other could be changed forever. Amen!

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