Tuesday, March 6, 2018


I believe anytime of the day is good however I really like nighttime where we can relax and meditate on how our day has gone.

Seeing the sunset is so beautiful as well. Nice to be able to look outside and see how peaceful it is; we know that we have made it through another day whether it has been the kind of day we wanted or not.

We can learn from this day to make tomorrow a better one though we know that it can be worse as well. We don’t have any control over today. We may see some of the same people and do the same work but they can turn into something more different than we thought. The most important thing is to enjoy the day the best we can despite that we don’t have any control over it.

Thank you nighttime because we know that you helped us make it through the day. We like the stars and the moon when they come out. We see how awesome the universe is regardless that we have no control over it. Shows us how awesome God is as well. Our planet earth is one of the smallest in the galaxy among many galaxies. We have no idea whether there is life like ours anywhere else. Whether there is life like ours or not shows us how much you care and love us.

Our time here is limited and we know that you have a place for us to go when our life ends here. We hope that we have learned all the lessons you given us. We look to nighttime to reflect on these lessons and be thankful that we made it through the day. Thank you very much.

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