Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Believing in Yourself

The number one thing I do believe when it comes to our life and purpose is to believe in you. When you have the lack of belief or faith in yourself it is hard to know that you have a purpose.

It has taken me a lot of years to realize that I have a purpose because the unbelief in myself. Since I didn’t think that others believed in me how could I believe in myself as we. In most recent years being encouraged by others and being told that I do have a purpose then I now know that I was created for a purpose.

So if you have gone through tough times in the same way that I have let you know my experience you can make it and that you do have a purpose that no one else can fulfill. You were born for this time to make a difference in the world. Continue reading my blog because I will let you know how to live a life of purpose. We are on a journey where we can learn more and more every day. When someone discourages you they are not telling the truth or if they are than you take the determination to change. I am sure we will see a change in ourselves and others over the years ahead. Also will help is seeing the success in the purpose we are meant to do when others’ lives change in the same manner as we do. Amen!

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