Friday, March 9, 2018

Knowing Yourself

For us to become more affective with our purpose in life is to know ourselves better. This goes along with the reason we were created in the first place. Often our experiences cloud out what the reason we fall short of our purposes.

Our early experiences in life can cause the reason why we have fallen short of our purpose. We often are told of our faults whether true or not. As time goes by others we continue to believe what we have been told. Some of what we have been told is true while some things can be lies. What we have to do is figure out what is the truth and what is lies. Children can be very mean to us so we could believe in lies.

So the thing for us to do is discover what is true and what is not. Often those closest to us now can tell us the truth about ourselves. Although I do see some of the people I grew up with now and then most of them I don’t see on a regular basis. So those that I have met and I have relationships with now can tell me what they think and know about me. They likely don’t know my past history or if they do it is because I was willing to share those things with them. Also I do know often we may have lifelong friends who know the good, the bad and the ugly still care and love us. It is important to listen to them about you. I am sure they have told you the truth over the years.

I am sure that we all do some of the things we were created to do however there could be a lot more for us to do that we don’t realize. So meditate on those things you know about yourself and you may discover more about yourself. How that works out to help others only time will tell but you may help yourself most of all. Peace and have yourself a good weekend.

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