Sunday, March 25, 2018

Our Number One Ingredient Is Love

Whatever our purpose is in life the number one ingredient is love. We have to show everything we have with love. The way others will see our purpose is how we share love with them.

When I post to this blog I want you to know the love that is behind it. You will feel the love that I express through this post. The same goes for the rest of my life when it comes to my purpose.

Whether it is on this blog or when I post to social media I think a lot of what I am going to say before writing it. My friends appreciate even if my opinion is different than theirs I write with consideration of their feelings.

The constitution here in the United States gives us the freedom of speech however consequences still can happen if we don’t watch the words that we say. We may not be put in jail for our words unless we are threatening someone like the President of the United States but we can still lose our job over what we may say or we may not get a job for the same reason. These days companies often check on employees what they say on social media and whether you think it is right or not it is what is happening. Companies feel often that their reputation can be compromised by what an employee says about them on social media or about any issue for that matter.

So I see that when words are spoken love should be in the equation though often because of strong feelings the wrong words are spoken. In the heat of the moment we all can say the wrong thing so we have to apologize when that happens whether we are right or not.

So for us all let’s love be the ingredient that makes our purpose taste good. Amen!


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