Saturday, March 24, 2018

Loving Our Purpose

Nothing better than loving our purpose that God created us to do. Not an easy road to walk sometimes but it is the one we have been given.

There are other things to do besides our purpose so we can’t forget our responsibilities on them too. Our jobs and families are an important part of our purpose. In fact they are at the top of the list  I believe in my heart. Whatever we know as our purpose or some may say is their calling family is number one in my book with the job coming in second. We have our job so that our family can live in security and have a roof over all of our heads. I have heard of people who put their calling ahead of everything including their family and that is not right. The family is your calling because you chose to have one and care for them. So loving your family is loving your purpose. Teach your children in the way they should love others and go for their purpose. When they ask questions you answer them in the best way you can with wisdom. Recognize their talents and gifts so they can accomplish what they were created to be. Amen!

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