Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Joy Begins in the Morning

We can choose to have joy in our lives and we should decide for it begins in the morning. I believe that our attitude when the day starts will help us to have a good day. There is no guarantee of course however we will have more good days this way.

One way for joy to happen is to begin the day with prayer and singing. They are two important things to do for the day. Prayer and singing allows us to have joy. We prayer that our day will go well for us and those who we care about while singing songs of rejoicing will bring the joy we seek. Our body, soul, mind and spirit will work together when we begin the day with joy. God will grant us peace and blessing throughout the day giving ourselves to him when the day begins. At night before going to bed we will thank him for the day we just had however all begins when we have joy in the morning. Amen!

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