Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lifting Other’s Up

Whatever words that we speak should be encouraging and lifting other’s up. So much of our world is where people are put down. This start’s when we are children. We often hear negative words spoken of us whether from parents, adults and other children that we should not be surprised that so much negativity is around us.

I know that we can’t stop everything negative however we lift others up as often as we can than the world will be a better place to be.

We don’t even have to know the person to give them encouragement. We can let them know that they have a nice smile or wearing a nice shirt. Whatever we speak should be positive at all times. We should do this even with others who don’t give us the same courtesy. People can change it just has to start with us.

What other purposes we have been given lifting others up can be at the top of our list. When we look at others we should find what is positive about them and share with them.

The more we are positive with others the more positive will be thrown our way as well. We don’t do it so others will speak well of us but it will happen anyway. Others will see what is positive about us. Also important to teach our children the same knowing that learned behavior can change someone.

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