Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Memories Help Out

Though our lives aren’t depended on our memories is sure nice they can come around when we need them. They help us out all the time. We especially think of them when someone visits that we haven’t seen in a while or we only see on social media.

This week my nephew Ken will be visiting for a few days. He is the oldest of the next generation of our family. As a little kid he looked a lot like our side of the family  and then when his younger brother Connor came along he looked like his father’s side however when they both got older they switched. Ken looks more like his father while Connor sees our side. Isn’t amazing how that happens sometimes.

We saw Connor a couple weeks ago with my sister visiting with him and now Ken will be showing up. I know have five nephews and one niece. My niece Leslie is special because she is the only girl. Doesn’t mean that I don’t love the nephews any less than her but she is still special. None of them I see very often however it is very good when I do. It will be great to catch up with Ken though I do see him a lot on Facebook however not the same as face to face. He is now a man and I remember him so much a little boy running around and do the things he did. I am sure my mom does the same with me though I take care of her now.

All these memories allow us to know or figure out what our purposes in life is or should be. All those we think about in our memories are as important as those we spend our time with now. Even better when they show up; thank you to all those in my memories and those who I touch today. Without you all living the life of purpose would not be the same.

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