Thursday, April 26, 2018

Setting Goals

On Wednesday I felt we all need to do is set goals for our purposes along with talents and gifts. Along with setting goals is writing down all the gifts and talents we believe that we have. Also to write down places that we use our gifts and talents right now besides work. For example any groups we might volunteer at and including civic groups or the boy scouts, girl scouts, church and hospitals. We can include places we go to like the YMCA. List people we currently mentor or those who mentor us.

During the time that you list all these groups you may realize some other talents and gifts that you and add those onto the list as well. After you conclude writing all these down make another list of places that you can go to use your gifts and talents. Remember that your family can be involved in this as well. Also write down goals for the next six months, one year, two years and five years. We might be surprised how much of an impact we can have by helping others out with our gifts and talents.

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