Tuesday, May 8, 2018


This week is known as Teacher’s Appreciation week. So you should look back at not only on teachers that you have appreciated but others that you have over the years. Although I didn’t like school that much growing up I did have some teachers that I admired. My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Eaton was not only a good teacher she always looked after me even when I grew up. We went to the same church so she always made sure to ask me how things were going. Also there was my high school choir director Mr. Neal who I still have some contact with as well. There were number of other teachers that I still remember to this day.

So remember these people that you have come to appreciate and let them know how much they mean to you. Also I hope that others will let you know how much you are appreciated as well.

This isn’t something we should remember to do once a year it is something we should do on a daily basis. Say thank you to someone today that you appreciate. You are one of the reasons that they have their purpose in life in the same way you have as well. Oh yes keep on smiling too. You will affect others with it and you won’t have to say a word. LOL

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