Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day

I want to wish all moms a wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day. I don’t think there is a harder job on earth than being a mother however the biggest reward at the same time. I know it is a job that you are thanked not enough.

Here I write about us discovering our purpose in life. Being a mother is no question the number one purpose in your life. For those who have been mothers for some time you can teach the young mother’s. You can show them the ropes if you call it that and you are a grandmother than you have the honor to help and teach your daughter or daughter-in-law along with loving your grandchild.

So bless you mothers especially on the days that the job is really hard. May you have rest when you need it. Also it is very important to have other mothers as friends as well. God bless you every day as you raise your children and those who have adult children well-done. Amen!

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