Saturday, June 9, 2018

Special Day!

I find it interesting that on social media that they have a national day for almost everything. Each day I find out though after I write my blog. I figure now to say something.
I believe every day is special. It is special when we wake up in the morning and then when we go to sleep along with everything in between. It doesn’t mean all things happen are good but that doesn’t change the fact it is a special day.
So all these national days to hug your best friend day or national brother’s day have meaning but wouldn’t it be nice to make every day with kind gestures. I am not saying we don’t have to celebrate certain things but I feel that making every day a national this or that makes it not so special. I hope I am coming across with that. Of course if people want to celebrate each of these days that are fine too but I am going to enjoy each day for how special it is for all things. So whatever today is enjoying with the fullest joy and special it is for us to be alive. In the end we were born for this period of time. Not only to enjoy but make a difference in a world that needs change.

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