Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Step At a Time

We all know at times life can be difficult and rough. We all have had times of sorrow or despair. Whatever we have gone through we must take a step at a time.

We shouldn’t look ahead to the future but take one day at a time whether it is a step, a second, a minute or an hour. Of course we may make plans for the future however today the moment we are living is.

We need to encourage one another in love. When someone is looking like they are falling we must help them to pick themselves up. Unfortunately we live in a world that sometimes what we do is not enough as well however we must try in our efforts to do so.

So when you take your step forward think and pray for those that are going through difficult times regardless of the circumstances. Speak words of life when appropriate and never give up on them or yourself. Amen!

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