Friday, July 20, 2018


A spouse, children, siblings and cousins are at the top my list when it comes to love and friendship however we have friends that are special to us that are not on that list they are as important to us as family.

Those who have been friends for a lifetime are special indeed although new friends are too. The more friends we have the better we are but there will always be a short list that is above all others.

True friends are those we can open ourselves up to like no others. We can share the good, the bad, and the ugly too. We know that they will be on our side no matter what comes down.

Yes we all have a purpose and destiny in this life. Those friendships are part of the purpose and destiny. Whatever we are called to they have been placed to be part of it. We can use our purposes in their lives well as they do in ours.

Those friendships have a lot to do with who we are. The longest ones what shaped us to be who we are today and the same in them.

Let your close friends know how important they are in your life. Use their friendship to bring out the more of you. They are important part of your purpose in life and you in theirs. Have a great weekend enjoy yourself. Amen!

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