Thursday, July 19, 2018

Keeping a Good Attitude

These days it isn’t always easy to keep a good attitude with differences of opinions. In fact it isn’t easy to keep your mouth shut or to write what you feel whatever the subject is about.

I find the importance is to be consistent and not put others down even though you may not feel the same way they do.

I believe others respect you when you are able to keep your opinions away or you respect them anyone.

I wish people would stop using social media to throw out their opinions on their beliefs but I know that won’t stop at all.

I find that I pass along or hide their posts. In fact I now hide the posts that come from a third party figuring I won’t see as many that way.

No matter what you say people are going to do what they want to do anyway and they have said so. At least in the United States of America we have the constitution that gives us freedom of speech. It is a good thing because I know that there are countries where the people are not able to give their opinions about anything.

Although we have the freedom of speech doesn’t stop companies from not hiring you if they don’t agree with your stance on any subject. It is one of the underlying parts that can’t always be proven.

We don’t have the perfect government however I believe it is still the best that is offered in the world.

So whatever you do keep your chin high and keep your mouth shut when necessary. I have found families being split because they don’t agree on politics. We should realize that family and friends are more important.

What many may not realize is that much of it has to do with religious spirits. You will find reading the Bible much of the problem dealt with religion. Yes I am a Christian but it is important to live in grace and not under the law.

This is another thing about our good attitude we are living under grace. Amen!

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