Monday, July 9, 2018

Good Heart

Several weeks ago I had an EKG done on my heart. Found out that my heart is stronger than it was a couple years ago which is good news for sure. It is nice to know that I have a good heart.

Although we should all have good hearts in the body we should also have a good heart toward others as well. This of course is where our purpose in life is used.

With a good heart means that we sacrifice what is important to us for the benefit of others. We do live in a world of selfishness and we are part of it as well however we can overcome by giving our heart away. Not an easy task since we are naturally selfish.

Even we do good things our motives are often selfish as well. At the very least we want to get something out of it even though it might be only recognition. We all want to be accepted in one manner or another. Whatever our motivation is at least good is coming out of it. The world is a better place when we use our good heart however it can even become a better place when we use our purpose that we were created for. Not an easy task because often many of us don’t know what purpose is or takes time to find out. The gifts and talents we have been given is for the benefit of others.

Examples like if we are a musician than others benefit hearing the instrument we play or we are a carpenter than those we build for benefit with what we have created.

So whether we do it for the right motives or not others do get something out of it. I hope that you are able to use your purpose today for the greater good and I hope that you have a good heart including your natural one like mine.

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