Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Being Strong

We all look at wanting to be strong however we know that we are far from it as well.

Reading Jesus Christ words in the Gospels we find that heaven along with a new earth will be much different than we can imagine.

How God sees things is complete opposite of how we see things. Actually to be strong we have to look to God because it is our weakness that allows us to be strong.

Other ways of thinking is like the last will be first and we have to lay down our lives for others. Read the Gospels to see how our life should be unlike what it is today. The meek will inherit the earth.

I can go on and on however we have to decide that we can live in weakness and God will make us strong. We help others because we know where they come from. We give hope because we have experienced hopelessness. We love because we know what hate is like. We have joy because we know despair.

All the things we have experienced that is negative there is a positive side as well. So today be strong in your weakness and give it all over to God. We can only change the world and our lives by embracing what is truth.


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