Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Meant To Live a Life Of Purpose!

We are all meant to live a life of purpose we just have to figure it out and what to with it as well.

God gave us all multiple gifts and talents to help others wherever we go.

For some it may be a writer, or for others a job nine to five or those in the acting field or those who are an athlete.  In fact you could be a mother caring for your children. It is probably the highest honor there is while your husband is at work. Of course there are some mothers that have to work as well. In this day and age either spouse can work in the home as well. They have the home as their office. It is what my brother Jack does while his wife is teaching. All four of their children are now out of the home and they have all finished college. Two of them are married themselves now.

I currently take care of our mother while writing this blog to encourage you to live a life of purpose. Also I enjoy sports so I write about sports as well. I plan to increase my blogging in the future as well. I have a website where I have links to my blogs well as adding more including pictures.

My mother is ninety-seven years old getting closer to ninety-eight in a couple months. She is in pretty good health for her age. It is hard to know how long she will be able to stick around.

So taking care of her is part of my purpose of life at this time. It will be interesting to see changes happen over the next few years depending on how she does and how much longer she lives. I hope to be able to travel some and write a book as well.

I hope that I can get married one of these days as well. It will be gratifying to meet a woman to love and enjoy the same passions together. It would be nice to get her insight on how she sees the purpose of life we live in as well. I want to be able to grow with her coming alongside me.

I hope that your purpose and destiny is going just the way you like it. The important thing is that time can change all things. Ask God what he has in mind for you if you haven’t figured it out yet. Talk with family and friends because they can give you insight. Life won’t always go the way we want it however the clearer we realize our purpose the better. Amen!!

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