Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Our Weaknesses

Yesterday I said about being strong through our weaknesses. It is not an easy task and we can’t do it on own either. We have to ask God for his help. I believe a prayer can be “Help me God”.  He doesn’t care how long our prayer is what is important is that we have reached out to him.

I believe a good way to get started is for us to write down the weaknesses we can think of right now. We can add others on in the future.  After the short prayer put the list away and the come back to it a month from now and see how things have gone.

I am sure we have all worked on our weaknesses ourselves and some of them probably have made us stronger but there are some that we will never be able to overcome on our own.

The added plus besides making our weaknesses into strengths we can testify to others that it has happened so they can do the same thing.

Best to you and have a great day. Until next time my dear friends.

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