Friday, July 6, 2018

The Tongue

We all know that the tongue can be used for either good or evil. We all have experienced it to us and others. We have regretted things we have said at times as well.

As children we had others who told us things that we still live with today. It is important that we realize those words thrown on us back in the day has nothing to do with us today. Of course that is easier said than done. I know that I see myself in ways that others talked to me as a child. We have to realize that we are not what others said to us even if some of it might be true.

Now we need to use our tongue and voice to help change other’s lives including ourselves. We need to speak within us that we are not that person. We need to apologize to others if we can the words we spoke into their lives that were not right. It doesn’t mean that we have to apologize to every person that we think that we wronged. I would only go to those that I have estranged relationship still. I have forgiven those who wronged me so to bring it up again would not be right. We need to live a life of freedom speaking life into others. I know we can joke around sometimes but the best thing is to leave things alone. Amen!

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