Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Good Listener

I admit at times I am not a very good listener. While the other person is talking I am thinking what I am going to say next instead of paying attention to them.

It is important that we do listen to others. This is especially true if we want to help them. Actually listening to them helps them more than anything else.  People want others to hear what they have to say and that is enough sometimes. We can respond if necessary as well.

People will reach out to you because they know that you care and that you will listen to them. Listening makes the job very easy and we can learn a lot about the person that way.

Our response can be in a few words or even a hug or handshake depending on how comfortable they feel around us.

Every day I am getting better in listening to the other person. It does take time to become a good listener and even better if we have a good heart.

Often people look how we interact with others before approaching us. So not only the person you are listening to finds it important those around them as well.

When you respond back to what they have said give them your experience or it could be a nice smile. Often they have been waiting a long time for someone to talk to them and listen.

My dad was a very good listener. Unlike me he didn’t do a lot of talking however he gave words of wisdom and insight when he did. I believe there is not anything better than that.

It can take time to get good at being a listener however take baby steps at first and I am sure all things will turn out right. If you are a good listener right now then others are benefiting from your experience and we can all learn from you.

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