Monday, August 13, 2018

What Means To Us

Another thing is what means to us that are important. Usually that turns out to be our purpose in life.

Our hearts will stir us in the right direction for our purpose and destiny. It may take some time or the direction may change as well.

What are purposes today could be different tomorrow as well. Circumstances can dictate the purposes. It doesn’t mean that we will totally turn away from our overall purpose but for a period of time.

For example I am taking care of my mother. This purpose of course will last as long as she is alive or her health gets worse that I can’t help her any longer. She will be ninety-eight in five weeks and she is doing well for her age up to this point. Her memory isn’t always good but for her age it is pretty sharp. Often she doesn’t know the day of the week or time of day but she is able to do crossword puzzle and she plays bridge twice a week. She does sleep longer than she used to but that is probably expected as well. I now have to give her pills other words she wouldn’t know which ones to take or when.

I do have to do some planning since I don’t know how much longer she has to live. I am sure we all do when it comes to our purposes as well.

I believe to that our purposes will grow over time as well. This is especially true when we get toward retirement age. We have to figure what we will do with our time and who to spend it with. Often grandchildren play a part in our purposes as well. We may be asked to do things we never were ever asked to do before as well.

These purposes will make us become better people too. We will have the time to explore our purposes. In the meantime do what you feel means the most to you.

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