Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Being Faithful

When it comes to our purpose the main thing is to be faithful to those people we are around and spend time with like family and friends.

I find in these days it is getting harder and harder for people to do so. I amazed what the divorce rate is right now whether it is in the world or in the church. It is though the lives of others aren’t as important as they are. I understand when the other person isn’t faithful to you but still important to be faithful on your own right.

I know people use excuses like my life isn’t what it was once. Yes I know people change when they get older however we made promises as well that are expected to be until our lives end.

I believe not only are people not true to the other person they are not to themselves either. What I mean by that is the person wants life the way they want it and turns out different they decide it is time to move on. The big problem is when you have children not only the person you gave promises to are hurt so are those children. It is no wonder the world is so screwed up along with those in the church.

Another thing that amazes me these same people go into another relationship and often get married thinking it will work out fine this time. I wonder why people do this.  Anyway let being faithful to everyone including yourself be your trademark. You will be happier this way to.

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