Wednesday, August 8, 2018

You’re Intent

When it comes to our purpose we need to have the right intensions as well. I am sure there are those who think their lives are the most important and everyone else has to honor or think well of them. While others believe that their purpose for the good of everyone; so we have to ask ourselves what is our intent when it comes to our purpose in life.

I figure now that I know my purpose in life it is to share with as many people as possible. I know that some people will listen while others will not and I am fine with that. Actually that is all anyone of us can do.

I know that some people will accept me the way I am while others will not. Actually that is how it always has been. I figure those who don’t accept me it is their loss. The reason is not because I am a great person but I do have something to offer for each one even if it is only a tiny piece.

I feel it is not what I say but what my actions are behind me. I believe people get more from what they see than what someone says. It has taken me a while to figure that out but I believe that is the truth.

So our true intensions should be just being ourselves and everything will out for the best. This is the reason for purpose in our life to give the best we can.

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