Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lifting Higher

I have learned from sports is that you can always have a bad day no matter how good you are or your team. The importance is to rise above and compete again the next time.

James 4:10 says that God will lift up the humble so whatever we do doesn’t mean that we have to live a life at a low level. We must live a life where we are humble. God will also bring down the proud so it is important not to be proud. Not an easy task at times however possible.

So being humble doesn’t mean that you live a low life but being proud you could end up there. We must trust God that we will be lifted higher while we thank the one in him that is already lifted up.

We are created in God’s image. So we don’t have to think less of ourselves at the same not to think to highly as well.

Encourage others that they can live at a higher level. What trouble that they go through living in darkness and despair doesn’t have to be our daily walk. We can ask God to lift us up to the same place that he is. We do so with a humble heart knowing that we have made mistakes and we are not perfect people.

The highest level of lifting higher is living the life of purpose that we were intended to live. We are living now for the world needed us now. Take that to the bank. Amen!

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