Sunday, August 19, 2018

Life Can Be Hard To Live

Even when we are living at high level we know to that life can be hard to live.

I have my highs and lows. Going into darkness waiting for light to appear; we each have a unique purpose and it is to help each other to walk across the finish line.

It takes faith, hope and love to know we can do it regardless of the circumstances. It is tough to see when others don’t get a fair shake in life. We just have to be there to comfort them when life isn’t being fair and to hope we will be comforted when life isn’t fair to us either.

There are days when darkness just walks into the front door. Often it happens the same way each time. You think that I would learn. I figure when I get in situations where darkness does come in I will stay away in the future. It doesn’t mean that darkness won’t ever find its way again but why should I welcome it at my door.

We can’t do a lot at times when life isn’t being fair except to hang onto the faith, hope and love. I believe those three work hand in hand. I really like the love part most of all but without the faith and hope love can be hard to come by as well.

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend. I look forward to next weekend’s because of high school reunion. It will be nice to hook up with classmates that I haven’t seen in a while. I hope that some of them will allow new friendships. None of us are like we were in school. We have grown up and hopefully matured. Every day it is important to learn from our mistakes. Best wishes to you.

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