Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Our Chore Values

Since I mentioned chore values when starting our mission statement I believe it is a good idea to write them down on a piece of paper.

I believe a good idea is to write down first our top ten chore values if we have that many. At least starting with five would be good. We can work up to ten and beyond if we feel that there are even more chore values.

Doing so will give us even stronger idea what our purpose in life is all about. Besides the chore values we can list where we want to go in our purpose. In fact we can look high and those that we would put on our bucket list. In a same way we would for places we want to see in our life time.

If you have already made your mission statement and listed your chore values and bucket list write down how you think that you will accomplish your mission statement. I believe this really exciting because we can expand our purpose in life. I wonder now why I hadn’t thought of this before but it is in the timing of it all isn’t it.

I know part of my chore values that will be included in my mission statement will be to continue encouraging others to be the best they can be and for God to reveal to each one of us the purpose in life that is exactly unique to us.

I believe to that we can make another list all of our weaknesses along with our strengths. I am so excited for all of us to become this person we have been meant to be all along. Remember this isn’t just for benefit but for those we mentor or minister to in our lives. In fact another good idea would be to share these lists and the mission statement with the person that maybe mentoring or ministering to us. They might be able to help even to narrow down the lists to the most important values and gifts. Amen!

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