Thursday, August 23, 2018

Our Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the lists I mentioned should be our strengths and weaknesses. I am sure we know our weaknesses better than our strengths. We deal with our weaknesses on a daily basis while not so much on our strengths.

Listing our weaknesses first will give us a better understanding of our strengths. So much better can we be when working on our weaknesses however our strengths will balance out things out.

We work on our weaknesses they can become strengths as well. In fact they may come stronger than our strengths that we already have. The importance is not letting our strengths become weaker.

All the time we will have weaknesses that we have to work on. It is like exercising where we work on that part of the body that we have trouble with but we can’t neglect the parts that are good as well. Just like exercising every day we should work on both the weaknesses and the strengths.

It is important to know what path we should be walking on as well. The wrong path will allow us to stumble which is not a good thing either. The right path will keep us going the right direction. The importance is to finish the race the way we should.

The best to us all in getting our lives in better order to do well in our purpose in life; continually improving everything for our benefit and others too.

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