Sunday, August 26, 2018

Things Happen

It is amazing that some days would different than what was planned because things happen. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at all.

On Friday I or should I say we had one of those days. It started out the normal Friday where we out for breakfast with the usual crowd at Denny’s. After that mom had an appointment early afternoon, however she had been feeling dizzy for a couple days and disoriented so I decided to take her to urgent care which was in the same building of her appointment. Often they are real busy however Friday there was only one patient ahead of her so saw a doctor in short order.

Mom wasn’t sure why we’re seeing a doctor however understand later on. Anyway they found that her heart was beating real slowly so the doctor suggested that she get checked into emergency at the hospital. This is why I say thing happen because it didn’t cross to me that she would have to go to the hospital.

After taking several tests and several hours they told us that she had an infection so they wanted to keep her overnight. As of right now she is still in the hospital because of dehydration and her infection of course. She should be coming home today though.

Now being taken care of the infection she won’t be confused and disorientated when it is cleared up. She will be a happy camper once again.

I am sure we all go days like that when time is spent doing what we didn’t expect at all.

I learned from this experience with my mom that no matter how small what is happening with her must take her to the hospital to clear things up. At her age anything including small can have a big effect on her.

After she went to the room they provided to her I went home because it was getting late and I figured she needed to sleep as well.

Saturday I went back in the morning after talking with the nurse on the phone letting me know what is up at this point. When I first called she said that the doctor was ready to see her so I called back an hour later. I then went to see her so she knew that I hadn’t forgotten her for one thing plus to see her for myself. I spent about an hour and a half then went on to my high school reunion which happens to be a good time though not a large crowd. The weather was a little bit of rain and windy. I am sure that kept the attendance down besides some people don’t like going to reunions. I don’t understand that because I enjoy being around people and those who I don’t see often. I stopped by to see mom in the evening before going home. Today I will see her in the mid-morning after church. Everything go well take her home.

If something happens to you that you haven’t expected try to take it in stride. Of course some things are hard to do so as well. I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.

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