Saturday, August 25, 2018

Unconditional Love

In my last post I mentioned dogs how they give unconditional love and how nice it would be nice if we could do so as well.

I am sure we have unconditional love for our family and close friends but for others not so much the case. We may think that we have unconditional love until circumstances happen that doesn’t justify it any longer. I am sure we have had that experience both by us and to us.

Life would be so much easier if unconditional love happened all the time unfortunately that is not the case.

I was reading Friday morning in Hebrews chapter 3 where it mentioned to encourage one another today as it is called today. I believe the more we do encourage one another the closer we get to unconditional love as well.

Make a list of those things that would keep yourself from having conditional love to another and then what you think what you can do to solve the situation as well. 

I believe the trouble is that we will give unconditional love if we get it in return which is truly wrong. We will have true unconditional love if we don’t care how the other person treats us. I am not saying it is easy task but it is something we should do. Again life will be much better have unconditional love for everyone.

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