Sunday, October 7, 2018

Honoring Others

I have to say not an easy task however we truly want to live a life of purpose and love others than honoring others is important too.

This means we have to forgive them for their shortcomings and how they treat us as well.

This is truly tough when we are not honored by others however this is part of loving people.

I know not everyone will love me but I do know showing love to others is important in my life. Since this is important to me I must honor them even when I am not honored in return.

It is interesting thing to know though we have to act different than others to be an example and to live our lives in the manner we want to. It is something we have to work on every single day of our lives. Some days it will not work out the way we want it to be however we know that we must try.

As we forgive others we must forgive ourselves as we. The same goes for honoring. We must honor ourselves as well. We will never be perfect however the best we work at it the more joy we will have.

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