Sunday, November 25, 2018

Holiday Traditions

Everyone seems to have holiday traditions and each year at least another is added.

Even if you don’t have a holiday tradition it still means you have one. The tradition is not to celebrate any.

I have never gone shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Actually this year I might just check out Cyber Monday just to get some ideas. The only reason I would go shopping on either day is to save money on something I actually want to get however I usually don’t think of it at this point. I know to there are those who will say you can save $250 on something but you can save a lot more if you don’t actually need the item.

Here in my local area one of the churches has a play they put on every year called “the Singing Christmas Tree”. Thousands have gone to it for many years. I haven’t seen it yet because hard to get tickets. Also the Point Defiance Zoo has what they call “the Zoo Lights”. They really decorate the zoo. Many come from miles around to see it as well. Of course there are a number of bazaars available to go look and shop for crafted items.

My brother Jack always goes and gets his Christmas tree on Black Friday. It is I think his only real tradition other than opening presents of course. I actually help start that tradition quite a few years ago when his children were small. I was visiting him in Minnesota for Thanksgiving and I suggested getting a Christmas tree. We did so and he has been doing it ever since.

There are those who start listening to Christmas songs right after Thanksgiving as well. I personally prefer waiting until early December. I can’t help hearing Christmas songs now because the coffee shops or the grocery stores or shopping malls are all playing them.

So enjoy your holiday traditions and may you have a blessed holiday season.

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