Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mild November

It still amazes me how mild the weather here in Western Washington has become the last several years. Not as much snow during the winter and hotter in the summer.

Right now we should be in the raining season and we have had less than inch of rain in November so far. The average rainfall is seven inches in November. Of course there is plenty of time for it still too happen however will it is the question. We have rain forecasted for today (Wednesday) and again on Friday. How much we are expected I am not sure.

It is nice to see the sun out more regular than normal for November but it is weird at the same time. The temperatures have been on the cool side ranging from freezing in the morning up to the middle fifties during the day. At least it is around the history average.

I guess our perspective is to enjoy this weather long as it lasts and like the weather we can change as well. We can become more mild as well (chuckle).

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