Thursday, November 15, 2018

Peace On Earth

A number of the standard Christmas songs have peace on earth included in. At least at the birth of Christ there was peace on earth for a moment.

Often when a pageant contestant and others in similar situations they are asked what they want most of all the answer is more often “peace on earth”.

I am sure we all want to have peace on earth however it could be still awhile for it to happen. All we can do in our place in the world is to show peace to others and with a miracle it will happen.

Right now though with most people being greedy it will not happen across the globe; only situations like the fires in California right now people show their humanity though can be short lived.

In our lives right now people disagree on politics and often shout at each other.  I know there are those who will disagree with my politics and it is ok. The important thing is to share what we agree on and not what we don’t agree on. A reason I don’t share politics here or any social media because I figure what is the point. Most likely we won’t change others beliefs or opinions. Something new comes to light or we can share without making things personal than it is good to do so. Other words a good debate.

Until next time may peace be in your heart today.

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