Saturday, December 29, 2018

Being Burned As An Infant

My story told again I wrote back in May 2016. God didn't want to stop me from having a purpose in this life. I believe I was a miracle. Most likely I would have died if God hadn't intervened. Though it took many years for me to figure it all out. Having been burned along with a hearing problem took me a long time to feel like a normal person though I still struggle at times. I believe this story shows anyone can rise above to be the person intended from the beginning. 
I am sure we have all had experiences that we want to forget. Actually, I have when I was almost four years old I was burned on my chest. Fortunately, I was not burned on my face. I don’t remember the experience at all and I only know what my parents and sister told me.

I wasn’t burned in a house fire instead I was actually cooking an egg on the stove when my pajamas caught on fire. My sister was a little far away and screamed for my mother to come and she smothered me with a blanket. My father then drove me into Tacoma to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. In those days pajamas were not fire retardant. I spent six and a half weeks in the hospital with a temperature of 104 degrees. It was a blessing that I lived beside not being burned on my face. Mother has told me that if she had not gotten to me when she did likely I would have been burned on my face. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for those who have burned on the face and having to live with the scar. Like I say I don’t remember the experience which is a really good thing because I have been told that living with having been burned and knowing that what you have gone through is not good.

Most people I know or have encountered over the years do not know that I have a scar on my right chest. Obviously, you would know if I took off my shirt so many of the boys I grew up with and were in physical education would know. I have shared the experience before some people and back last August when I wrote about miracles. Yes, this was a miracle that I lived through this experience.

At that time that I had my burn Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital was very good but I don’t think that they had a burn center at that time which they now have for many years. If you have the chance to donate to a cause like this I would really appreciate that you do. I can’t imagine the children that get burned at an older age than I was what they go through each day with having a burn. I am sure they have to go through counseling as well. At the very least pray for the children with burns and I thank you very much.  

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