Friday, January 11, 2019

Driving Out The Enemy

In the Old Testament Israel was commanded to drive out the enemy and take possession of the land that God was giving them.

Though our country might be at war with another we may not be involved it in personally unless we are in the military we do have areas in our lives we are in war.

We are spiritual beings whether you believe that or not. We have areas in our lives that keep us from totally do the purposes we are called to do.
So we are at war to get rid of those areas we haven’t concord yet. In some degree since we are not perfect, we will have to deal in those areas the rest of our lives. We could have some things we have victory over already. We won’t have total peace and joy until those things are taken care of.

My encouragement is for us to keep battling no matter how hard it may seem to get a victory. Our purpose to help others get through victories in the areas we have the gifts and talents in. Amen! 

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