Sunday, February 24, 2019

Being There

Whether we are traveling or we are meeting with a friend or doing our life purpose being there is the important thing.

When we travel especially somewhere we haven’t been before we want to see the important sites. We will want to tell our friends and family what we have seen. Of course, a camera is needed for pictures to be taken.

For a friend or someone, we are with to encourage the most important thing is being there too. We don’t necessarily have to say a word at all or respond when they are finishing saying something.

Depending on the circumstance a response isn’t necessary or at least we shouldn’t say anything until after they say something. We should be open not to give advice until we know everything is going on. Of course, experience goes a long way. It depends on how often you have been with the person.

If you are the person that ask a friend over because you are going through something I believe it is important to tell them to be quiet until you finished speaking. There are those who want to fix something before knowing all the facts.

So whether you’re traveling or helping someone enjoy the experience too. I hope you are having a good weekend. Amen!

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