Monday, February 25, 2019

We Are Influence

Whether we realize it or not we are all influence for others. I am sure everyone you know or have met even once has been an influence on your life.

We can try not to be an influence however even that will influence as well. We should try to be a positive influence on everyone. We need to realize though our positive influence will not rub off on everyone. There will be those who won’t like us for whatever reason. The important thing is not to change our ways because someone hasn’t accepted us. There is always a possibility the person who doesn’t like us will change their minds over time.

So it all comes down to us being us. I am sure as a child your parents warned you about the other kids who they didn’t think were good influences to stay away from them.

My brother Jack didn’t think my best friend wasn’t a good influence or at least he asked me why Gary was my friend. I told Jack that I didn’t have very many friends so I couldn’t be choosy. My parents never told me to stay away from Gary. He lived less than five minutes from us in walking distance.

I saw Gary wasn’t friendly to everyone however he treated me like a best friend should. When he was the captain of a baseball he chooses me first every time. No exceptions. I haven’t seen Gary in a long time now but I still remember that. I remember when we played sandlot football at the neighborhood park he asked me to be center and hiked the ball. I object because I knew centers never had the ball passed to them. Of course, this was sandlot so he told he would throw me the ball anyway since it wasn’t against our rules. He said Herb take a couple steps forward after hiking the ball and I will throw it to you and then you run. I was the fastest runner on either team. Actually another kid Rob was fast so we could never play on the same team.

See wherever Gary is at right now he was an influence that I will remember always. So be the best friend to the most people you can be. I am sure it is part of your purpose too. 

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