Sunday, March 24, 2019

A Stiff Neck

I am not sure how it happened but on Friday around noon I came up with a stiff neck while sitting in my favorite coffee shop. I found it hard to deal with for sure.

On Saturday afternoon since it was still bothering me I decided to get a massage after doing some stretching off and on for more than a day. The massage did help for a little while though helped my other body parts better. So I will have to see what comes next.

Made me realize there are those we sometimes meet people who act as a stiff neck. I am not sure whether it is a personality flaw or something in their life caused it. I don’t see many around that are stiff necks or I just ignore it in a way.

We all have flaws so we need to love those who are stiff-necked as well. I certainly know I need as much love as possible though why would someone not love me since I am a great guy. My sense of humor comes in here.

I feel our greatest purpose in life is to love others. All of our other purposes should have love mixed right in. The reason we have a purpose has to do with love. Just a nice reminder for us all; I hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Bless You!

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