Saturday, March 23, 2019


I believe excitement is a gift from God. I know that joy is a gift from God for sure. It is right up there with love, hope, and peace.

I think that excitement is joy at a higher level like double or triple the volume depending on the person. For the average person, it is probably double while for the soft person it is closer to triple while a loud person it might be hard to measure if you know what I mean.

We should have joy all the time or at least most of the time; however, we should decide to have excitement more often. I think most people believe excitement should happen only at a sporting event or a reunion with someone they haven’t seen in a while.  Depending on where they are at showing excitement I can see on someone but they don’t go above the level of joy.

I don’t really care where someone is at if they are excited showing it off should be a priority in my mind. This is even true when they might look rude around everyone else in the room. I would really like to see it in the library because the library is way too quiet in my mind. Whoever’s idea was you can’t talk in the library beyond a whisper isn’t someone I want to be around too much. I hope to see someone show emotion in the library and I will applaud them.

I hope today I will see someone with excitement. It will be such a grand thing to see. Remember it is a gift from God. Next time someone may give you a sour look because you are being excited tell that you are expressing the gift God has given you. Amen!

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